Client Services


A word with so many possibilities which can be as simple as moving a door, taking down a wall to create an open plan space or adding an en-suite shower room to a bedroom. Reform really means to make changes for improvement. We are here to listen to your dream and work with you to turn it into reality with creative design, affordable planning and our specialised team to make your dream come to life.


Sooner or later we will all need a decent electrician. Maybe to upgrade to LED down-lighters in each room as will be compulsory in the near future, or install some additional power points for your growing audio visual components. Time has taught us not to use multiple plug adapters in single sockets as it can be a fire hazard. Whatever your requirement we can make it happen and, most importantly, our work will be to current standards by suitably competent engineers. With a new specialist solar panel installation, your home can be harvesting some free electricity, which is always a bonus! As are smart heating controls, which every home should have!


We all take it for granted that when we turn on a tap, hot or cold water will come out. Most villas in spain have more than one bath or shower room and most have more than one occupant. This means agreement is often needed for who can shower and when as they will never be able to use more than one tap at a time because of bad design. If you have guests then the problem gets larger. We design to suit your requirements and can give you high pressure throughout for you to use multiple bathrooms simultaneously. So you really could use 4 bathrooms at once if thats important to you. Naturally all new pipework would be insulated.


Lets start with smart controls, whether you have radiators, underfloor heating or air conditioning units which can also heat the room. All of them need controlling properly and efficiently. We all use hot water but we don’t leave the tap running indefinitely; it needs controlling as well. The days are long gone when a home had one thermostat on the wall and that controlled all the radiators in the property. We can design and install a new efficient heating system with either underfloor heating (both wet and dry systems), radiators or solar powered either individually or a combination of boiler, sun and/or electric. Designed to suit your property and/or your existing system and fully controllable even by your smart phone. Yes, we can also upgrade your existing system, even chemically cleaning the radiators to remove any sludge that slows everything down. With your new system would come an Operation and Maintenance Manual compiled specifically to your property; as a reference for the home owner, guest or tenant. This will ensure that most "what if" questions can be answered.


When you decide to modernise your bath or shower room, let us come and talk it through with you to come up with a smart new showering and bathing experience. The whole package complete with waterproofing floor drains, underfloor heating, hidden toilet cisterns that are fully maintainable by simply unclipping the flush plate. Our shower mixer valves are always concealed and always thermostatic. Tiling or stone cladding to finish all floors and walls beautifully finished to create an amazing wow factor. Everything is easy to keep clean.


Porcelain, ceramic or natural stone. We can plan your new floor finishes so they are warm to walk on, easy to clean and of course very easy to look at. We can, after a few consultations, obtain samples of tile or stone samples so you can see in your own home what they would look like. Your floors will look stunning, your shower floor drains will work and your wall tiles will exude style.

Home Automation

Once upon a time this was only available to the mega wealthy. Most people now have a smart phone capable of communicating securely with your wifi router. Your control possibilities are now endless… well almost , so I'll just give a taster: lighting, heating persianas, garage doors and sliding gates. The big difference now, is that it’s affordable. We can now make this happen and make your life simpler. Even the floor can be vacuumed automatically when your robot cleaner comes out of it’s secret hiding place to do the work for you. Security cameras and alarms can all be paired securely with your smart phone, so wherever you are, with a phone and internet connection, you can look through your security cameras and even reset your alarm. With your new system would come an Operation and Maintenance Manual compiled specifically to your property as a reference for the home owner, guest or tenant. We take care of it all for you from start to completion.


All new kitchens will involve provision of more power points or at least relocation of some existing power points, extractor fan ducting, plumbing adjustments. We can fully install your new kitchen designed with you to suit your needs, from start to completion. Or, we can work with any kitchen company to prepare before they start and to finish walls and tiling when they have finished. This eliminates kitchen companies asking you to chase walls for power cables, create holes for pipes, installing extractor fan ducting and generally doing things they refuse to do. We take care of it all.

Multi-room Audio Visual Systems

Play music in one room or all rooms. Play different music in each room. Control the volume, track, radio station simply and easily from your computer, smart phone or tablet. These systems work with your wifi router to form their own network. Its all so easy to use and will also give you access to hundreds of radio stations from all over the world. Be it news, talk, current affairs, reggae, rock, gospel, blues, jazz or country, you name it its there. These systems also work (as a paid add on) with internet music streaming services. Best of all, your own collection of music stored on your computer or smart phone can be easily accessed to play everywhere. We can install hard wired or wireless and even into your garden. It’s brilliant and so easy to use.

The Garden Room

Lets design a new room in your garden. A room to socialise, a room to eat complete with a kitchen space to prepare, cook and wash up. How nice not having to carry food, plates, bowls and cutlery outside every time you want a barbecue. From design meeting, architects plans, Ajuntament or Town Hall approval right to the end of the project complete with a fabulous new tiled floor and terrace. The perfect entertaining space which makes life so easy. More time to socialise and get creative in your new garden entertainment space. Every villa should have one. Naturally, built in music system to set the mood. Life’s Good!

Project Management

Whatever you project, things usually involve more than one trade. By nature, life has taught us that trades people can often be a bit erratic with timings and priorities especially since the advent of the mobile phone. This has a knock on affect to everyone else who is committed to a program. Our projects are over a detailed time span agreed before commencement of works and will be adhered to throughout proceedings. You don’t even need to be there as we will take care of everything. However, if questions do arise, we may need to contact by email for an answer so as not to hold up our schedule. Any variations can be itemised on a regular basis so you are always aware of costs. Variations can work in either direction by way of omit or addition to the original specification. Also all our paperwork, specifications and invoices are electronic so naturally payments to us can be made directly into our bank.
Swimming Pools Made Better As time goes by we start to see the odd tiles missing from our swimming pools. Alas nobody wants to drain their pool and re-grout even though it's necessary every 10 or so years. Missing tiles mean water, chemicals and algae have easy access to surrounding joints and in time will ensure more tiles retiring from their positions. There is an answer that may buy some time before the next drain and re-grout. Missing tiles can be re-fixed and grouted underwater with specialist adhesive with the help of your own underwater technician. Suitably equipped to spend time at the bottom of your pool each year replacing tiles to make everything look as it should again. Putting off the drain down and re-grout for another year. Oh and saving €800 or so to re-fill. Annual maintenance by your very own scuba diver can save you money and chemicals. We can also make your pool water look more crystal clear and or course make it warmer. Using less chemicals and having cleaner sparkling water is every pool owners dream, even the grumpy owners! The water can even be made warmer without breaking the bank